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Yea or Nay? FDRL’s Wooden Kitchen
Ian Murchison and Rohan Thakar are the industrial designers behind FDRL, a/k/a The Federal, an Ottawa-based design consultancy. Their forthcoming line of kitchen knives definitely demonstrate some outside-of-the-box thinking: As the name implies, …
Know Where You Stand: A Mix of Modern Scenes and Historical Photos
Patricia Ramos,
HindenbergThe work of Dutch historian, Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse, which brought us those haunting pictures in the photo series called The Ghosts of History, was brilliant in blending World War 2 pictures and present images of the exact same…
Stylish Typography and Illustrations by Brent Couchman
Brent Couchman is a designer located in San Francisco. His works are totally amazing, very stylish with great use of colors to engage the viewer with such eye candy illustrations. Enjoy!You can find B …